Avis Chauffeur long-term vehicle rental

For your chauffeur-driven vehicle needs over longer periods, Avis Chauffeur offers tailored transportation solutions, vehicles for government departments and embassies and a whole range of services in Paris and abroad

Our long-term packages are good value and allow you to choose the model and features of your chauffeur-driven vehicle, as well as your long-term chauffeur, from a selection of experienced chauffeurs.

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our commitments

Avis chauffeur prodivdes attractive and rational chauffeur-driven transportation solutions for long periods according to your mobility needs.

Because each long-term contract is unique, our packages are definitely personalised and tailored to the specific lifestyle and desires of its clients in France, Europe and overseas.

Avis Chauffeur's long-term chauffeur-driven rental takes care of:

  • The administrative management (insurance, vehicle registration documents, travel expenses).
  • The full management of your chauffeur-driven rental solution (times, training, replacement of your chauffeur).
  • The maintenance of your chauffeur-driven vehicles (maintenance, repair, tyres, fuel, vehicle replacement, 24/7 assistance).

Need an estimate, information, a long-term chauffeur-driven vehicle?

Avis Chauffeur is at your service to answer any personal request for a long-term chauffeur-driven vehicle rental. Call us now for more details: +33 1 45 54 33 65.
(cost of a local call within Metropolitan France)

save time with avis chauffeur's solutions

For improved efficiency, companies often outsource the activities that are not their core business. Avis Chauffeur is specialised in outsourced chauffeur-driven executive vehicles.
The full outsourcing of your company's chauffeur-driven vehicles service frees you from investments in vehicles and staff and offers you integrated services, representing a direct advantage for the daily management of your company.

  • An alternative to the purchase of a new car.
  • An end to your vehicles being out of use due to maintenance.
  • Administrative flexibility, duration of the travel contract, mileage, number of hours, simplified invoices..

Avis Chauffeur's long-term chauffeur-driven car-rental package as a managed fleet, meets your budget requirements and allows you to manage your annual travel costs for an improved analysis of your forecasted budgets. Avis Chauffeur's chauffeur-driven vehicle rental as a managed fleet frees you from the problems of:

  • Staff management
  • Training and replacement of drivers
  • Vehicle management
  • Investment, maintenance, repair, fuel

Avis Chauffeur's executive vehicles, offered as part of a long-term package, are equipped with the latest active and passive security technologies and meet your requirements in terms of security, flexibility, passenger numbers and comfort. All vehicles have leather interiors and are equipped with air-conditioning system. The supply of mineral water, tissues and umbrellas are included in all Avis Chauffeur's long-term executive vehicle packages.

Need an estimate, information, a long-term chauffeur-driven vehicle?

Avis Chauffeur answers your questions and offers you long-term chauffeur-driven vehicles. Call us now : +33 1 45 54 33 65.
(cost of a local call within Metropolitan France)