Our qualified chauffeurs

The daily objective of our chauffeurs is to always do the utmost to give satisfaction in all discretion and to successfully carry out the missions entrusted to them.

The professionalism of our drivers makes it possible to offer transport services for VIP in France and abroad. Avis chauffeur is engaged in a permanent update of its services and that's why our chauffeurs are internly trained.


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Experience and features

Because our drivers are the "ambassadors" of our clients, they are all involved and dynamic with a solid and significant experience of their profession. With a sense of hospitality and service, professional and competent, Avis Chauffeur drivers constantly adapt to your needs guaranteeing you every moment, punctuality, presentation, courtesy, efficiency and discretion.

Avis Chauffeur drivers are easily identifiable thanks to their smile and availability. They all work with an identical attire (dark suit, white shirt, tie Avis), at the forefront of our requirements of quality and presentation. The operational team  speak several foreign languages ​​according to your specific needs and those of your transported clients and guests.

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Spanish
  • Portugese
  • Italian
  • Arab, Chinese, Russian, Japanese

Our drivers are all holders of the VTC license, issued by the French Prefecture of Police. They are well versed in driving rules and road rules, know the best routes and have the technical knowledge required for the proper functioning and maintenance of vehicles.

Permanent drivers have a long-term contract (for more than ten years for some of them), a symbol of an entrepreneurial spirit. The quality control of our teams of drivers and coordinators allows us to always offer you quality services tailored to your specific needs.

Eco-friendly chauffeur

Avis Chauffeur trains its drivers to "citizen and responsible" urban driving. It focuses on urban driving awareness, which accounts for 86% of the duration of vehicle use by our customers. By quarterly sessions, we internally train our permanent and intermittent drivers to adopt a more environmentally friendly driving practice (organization of specific training and written awareness).

This awareness reduces the amount of fuel used in travel and contributes to the preservation of our environment. Avis Chauffeur is thus engaged in a carbon offsetting process aimed at achieving the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 15% per year.

coach driver

In addition, and in accordance with Directive 2003/59 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 July 2003, transposed into French law by Decree 2007-1340 of 11 September 2007, an obligation of initial qualification and continuous training is required for coach drivers.

Thus we ensure a meticulous follow-up of the renewal of this continuous training that takes place every 5 years. This training allows the driver to update his knowledge and improve his practice in safety and regulation.

On the other hand, in order to ensure your comfort on board, all our coach drivers are directly trained in the use of vehicles by Mercedes France.

FIRST-AID CErtificate

In a spirit of security and to ensure the comfort of our passengers. Our coach chauffeurs have all been trained to provide first aid gestures:

  • Master the behavior and first aid gestures
  • Know who and how to alert in the company or outside the company
  • Identifying dangerous situations in your company and knowing to whom and how to relay this information
  • Possible involvement in the implementation of prevention and protection measures
Ecole de Formation à la Conduite et Sécurité

EFCS - Training School of Chauffeur Service

EFCS offers training to access the driving and service trades, personalized follow-up of professional drivers and prepares for the examination of driver of VTC.

True to the values ​​of the Premium Service, we prepare our drivers for all aspects of the VTC driver's business.

To ensure an impeccable quality of service, in partnership with the EFCS, we provide the most complete training to drivers and go beyond "international standards" to favor excellence in service and support.

The EFCS ensures complete training for passing the exam in order to obtain the TRANSPORT CAR CARRIER PROFESSIONAL CARD, according to article 3122-13 of the transport code and offers you a range of training giving Access to different aspects of the profession:

  • Car with driver (VTC)
  • Executive Driver
  • Personal driver.

The school also provides the CONTINUING TRAINING STAGE for drivers already holding their professional card.

Site web : http://efcs-formation.com/