Avis Chauffeur green policy

Avis Chauffeur's Green policy

Avis Chauffeur actively campaigns for concrete actions aimed at reducing, where possible, the impact of its activities on the environment.

This mainly concerns the emissions of greenhouse gases from the vehicle fleet Avis Chauffeur, but also its premises and garages (sensitization of personnel to energy saving, air conditioning of the offices timed and adjustable to degree, low voltage lamps, sorting selective Etc.).


Green policy

Avis Chauffeur Avis Chauffeur is committed to a policy aimed at introducing a real culture of lasting environmental responsibility shared by all chauffeur, suppliers and clients. Because it is everyone's responsibility to put in place good practice to contribute to protecting our environment, Avis Chauffeur has put in place an Environmental Management system organised around the following themes:

  • Optimising the consumption of non-renewable natural resources
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Incorporating environmental standards into Avis Chauffeur's constructions and operational activities.

Avis Chauffeur's themes for developing its environmental work are:

  • The publication of reports on the carbon footprint
  • Providing recommendations in terms of the choice of chauffeur-driven vehicles
  • Computerised monitoring of fuel consumption profiles and the cost of vehicle taxation
  • Strictly monitoring recommendations for the maintenance of chauffeur-driven vehicles
  • The promotion of "eco-driving", through the organisation of specific training and raising awareness amongst our chauffeurs with handouts
  • Rental of hybrid vehicles

For example, Avis Chauffeur vehicles are cleaned with cold high-pressure water in order to save as much water as possible. Avis Chauffeur develops synergies with its suppliers in a common sense way in order to recycle consumables, filters, batteries, used oils and technical parts.

Finally, Avis Chauffeur is committed to the continuous and monitored improvement of its chauffeur-driven vehicles fleet towards solutions that are more environmentally friendly and use fuels that pollute less, hybrid vehicles and latest generation engines (EURO 6).

CO2 emissions

Becoming aware of our impact on the environment and developing a culture of environmental responsibility is a key success factor for Avis Chauffeur. Avis Chauffeur strives to work in a "more intelligent" way by offering a committed and lasting approach to the environment that is based on a reduction in gases that are emitted into the atmosphere as a result of its activities.

The vehicles offered by Avis Chauffeur are increasingly environmentally friendly and are part of a lasting environmental policy. Avis Chauffeur strictly applies the recommendations of car manufacturers and continuously monitors the maintenance of its vehicles in order to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and polluting emissions.

We have been able to significantly reduce the consumption of fuel and therefore CO2 emissions thanks to new existing engines and thanks to a policy promoting "eco-driving" to our drivers. Avis Chauffeur is thus committed to a process of carbon offsetting, aimed at meeting the target of reducing carbon emissions by 15% a year. The most recent vehicles in the Avis Chauffeur fleet are recognised by the specialist press for their environmental performance.

EURO 6 emissions standards

Avis Chauffeur trains the drivers of its minivans, minicoaches and coaches in "responsible and community-friendly" city driving. This mainly covers awareness-raising for driving in an urban setting which represents nearly 86% of the period of use of Avis Chauffeur vehicles by our clients.

Three to four times a year, Avis Chauffeur offers its permanent and temporary chauffeurs training in adopting driving methods that are more environmentally-friendly (organisation of specific training courses and handouts for all our drivers).

This awareness-raising significantly reduces the quantities of fuel used transporting Avis Chauffeur's clients and contributes to preserving our environment. Avis Chauffeur is thus committed to a process of carbon offsetting, aimed at meeting the target of reducing carbon emissions by 15% a year.

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